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Conference Papers

  Sub-pixel edge detection in displacement measurement: target geometry effect on resolution          []    []
Alfredo Cigada, Emanuele Zappa, Remo Sala, Abramo Barbaresi
Italian National Congress of Measure Settembre 2002 Abano Terme Italy

  Automatic Corner Detection of a chessboard pattern for the calibration of a 3D Scanner          []    []
Alfredo Cigada,Remo Sala,Abramo Barbaresi, 3D MODELLING, 23 and 24 of April 2003 - PARIS


  Applications of image processing in the field of Dynamic Measurement of Displacements ( BS & MS equivalent )               []    [] (Only In Italian)
The Thesis consisted in a two years experimental project which results in a new methodology to measure object displacements, through the realization of a really new measurement instrument. The instrument would be adopted in the University wind-tunnel.

  Design and realization of a 3D Scanner based on "One snap" FTP Method ( Ph D )  

National Research Project

  During my first year of Ph D studies I collaborated in research with Comerson, Security leader industry, in a MURST project of national importance on human face scanning.

Journal Papers

  Expected in the next year a User Story By MathWorks