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Hi! I'm Abramo Barbaresi,
I'm a third year PhD student in the Mechanical Dept. of Politecnico di Milano, at the Measurement Division. I work with Prof. Alfredo Cigada and Ing. Remo Sala and am a part of the research group on measurement, in particular I'm investigating the field of measurement without contacts. To know more about my research (resume, course work, teaching, education and such), please visit the dedicated section.

I did my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano University, where I was supervised by Prof. Alfredo Cigada and Ing. Remo Sala. I used to do measurement without contact of mono and two-dimensional moving object trough vision systems and image processing, during that period I was the better -burner of fuse- of all the Lab.

I am a native of Senigallia (it's a small city in the center of Italy), probably the most happening city in Marche County . Senigallia is located just in front of the Adriatic see and it's a really very cool place. I did my schooling there at the "Enrico Medi" Scientific Lyceum School, and my favourite hobbies was to take artistic photograph of the Panorama of my County that is hilliness and coloured.

You can find stuff about my hobbies in the Personal page. You will find there my favorite links and links of my friends' pages.


Some interesting MAXIMS


"It takes a long time to became young" - Pablo Picasso


"The secret of my success is that I never grew up" - Charlie Rivel - world renowned clown


"You should take advantage of the chance to be a beginner,
with children's eyes of curiosity" -
Mark Twain


"The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands
but in seeing with new eyes" -
Marcel Proust


"We should sit up and take notice of the things people find crazy.
Because when people find a thing good, it‘s time to move on"
Hajime Mitari - President of Canon


"Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen?
Chance favors only the prepared mind" -
Louis Pasteur


"The difference between the ordinary person and the genius is quite small.
The secret is: Don´t give up!" - Daniel Goleman


"Our desires are the indications of the capabilities lying within us;
they are the forerunner of what we are capable of achieving" - J. W. v.Goethe


"One way to ruin your company is to listen to your customers too much.
In business and in politics, you have to lead, and not just listen to opinion polls" - Michael Bloomberg

"The new champions are the idea generators lacking capital.
The losers will be the capitalists in lack of ideas" -
Ridderstråle & Nordström
in: Funky Business - Wie kluge Köpfe das Kapital zum Tanzen bringen - München 2000